Typo on college account

Made a really dumb error. Helping my son set up account for Rutgers, I set up the account with a typo in his name. When I called admissions, they said apply with the wrong name and then ask to correct it afterwards, although the person seemed unsure. That SO doesn’t feel right. How can I know if Transcript, SAT’s will end up getting lost? What if they say they can’t fix it at that point, does he apply under the wrong name? I know it was a dumb mistake but I can’t imagine this has never happened to anyone before? Any suggestions?

I would call back and ask to talk to the head of admissions. Lay out your concerns that the app will not match the other data (nor will it match any FAFSA application). Ask how they can make it all work.

I tried IT to see if they could do it. Still waiting for a response. As I said Admissions rep said file under wrong name. That just doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Seems like exacerbating an existing problem. Maybe head of Admissions is next. Thx