Typos in essays

<p>For my Gates Millennium application, I think that I am qualified and I hope my essays present this. However, I found 4-6 typos in 4 of my essays... How will this affect my overall application? Do you think the errors are negligible? I wish I did not have these mistakes, however the application is submitted. Out of my hands. Help!</p>

<p>I have the same problem and i asked my teachers what they thought and they just said that it might not be too big a deal but maybe if it comes to a tie then they’ll be like oh this person has a few mistakes, whereas this person has none. But most likely it won’t come to that so don’t stress too much, you’ll be fine. Good luck! Hopefully we get it(:</p>

I just did the same thing. I wrote that I’m a “spinter on the tack team” instead of “sprinter on the track team.” Wish me luck.