U-Bill Blues

<p>What do you think? Will someone buy the rights to my song so I can pay a couple of those U-Bills?</p>


<p>Oh, I got me a U-Bill
Yes I got it on my screen
Lord, I got me a U-Bill
Smilin’ at me from my screen
Believe me when I tell ya
Biggest bill I ever seen.</p>

<p>I been thinkin’ ‘bout retirement
As my hair turns steely grey
I been thinkin’ bout retirement
As my hair turns steely grey
I don’t think there’ll be no ‘tirement
Til deep deep down in the ground I lay.</p>

<p>Oh, my friends down there in Eye-Wah
How they love the O-O-S
Yes, my friends down there in Eye-Wah
They do love the O-O-S
We fill up those coffers
How I’ll do it I cannot guess</p>

<p>But I’m proud of my young-un
He stands ‘bout six foot tall
Yes I’m proud of that young-un
He does stand ’bout six feet tall
I’ll be chokin’ back a tear
Headin’ back from IC this fall.</p>

<p>But that U-Bill she does vex me
And she leaves me pretty lean.
Yes that U-Bill she does vex me
She has left me pretty lean
Believe me when I tell ya
Biggest bill I ever seen.</p>

<p>Am loving my U-Bill because it's less than my other kid's bill and his doesn't include room and board.</p>

<p>Hey, great lyrics, beastman...really enjoyed them!</p>

<p>I am not quite loving the U-Bill, but could be a lot worse given private school tuition, and UC tuition for in-state is no huge bargain. At the rate things are going, Parents Weekend football tickets may dwarf the tuition bill!</p>

<p>RWE, don't tell me you neglected to register for Family Weekend with its handy block of reserved seats??!!</p>

<p>I went online at 7:00:00.01 that morning to snag three nosebleed seats on the Wisconsin side. I think the whole block was gone by the following morning. These Hawkeyes are like rabid dogs!</p>

<p>And I hope you booked a hotel room when your daughter was in 4th grade so you're not staying in Des Moines.</p>

<p>Beast -- well, good news and bad news. Good news is that I reserved a hotel room when my D was in 7th grade, so we are in Coralville, rather than Iowa City, but at least not in Des Moines, which would have been the case if I'd waited until 8th grade. </p>

<p>Bad News, the day football tickets went on sale was a really busy day here, so I did not bother, figuring it might be tough to get tix anyway. I would have re-doubled my efforts if I knew they'd be available for at least an hour or so. My bad...looks like it will cost me an extra $300...sigh! Glad you were able to get tickets anyway...based on early pre-season calculations (which are always very accurate, of course) it is shaping up to be a great game! (and season!)</p>