U California application

I read on the UC website that Psychology falls under the “g” category and is considered a social science. However, there is no way for me to add Psychology in my academic list because non of the “elective” choices qualify as psychology! Need some helping figuring out how to add Psychology to my list

Are you a California HS student? If you are, you can look up all your HS courses and the a-g categories your courses fulfill on the following website: https://hs-articulation.ucop.edu/agcourselist#/list/search/all

@Gumbymom No, I’m not a CA HS student. I used that link and looked up what they consider Psychology at CA high schools, and it says category “g”, but my problem is, I don’t understand which sub category in the “g” category would go with psychology. None of them seem to fit?

Actually, nevermind! I figured that part out.
Thanks though.
Do you know if I HAVE to have “a-f” category classes every year?

Also, I am taking the SAT again in December. The app deadline is Nov 30. Can I send my app now and then send my scores from December when they are available? Or just send the scores I have now just in case? I don’t want to pay twice; once for sending them now and then again sending them in December (if they are better).
And if I send them to just one campus, all the UC schools I am applying to will get them? So I will only have to pay once for all the schools to get my scores?

You need to meet the minimum for the a-g courses. You only need 4 years of English but most applicants will go above and beyond the minimum, so if you want to be competitive, you should do the same with the rest of the courses.

Self report you previous SAT scores on your UC application, indicate that you plan to take the December SAT scores and then have them all sent at the same time if you want to save on fees. Send them to one UC and they will be shared with the other UC’s.