U Cincinnati Nursing MMI- any updates?

My daughter has been selected for the MMI at UC Nursing. I saw the post from Bearcat fan 10/2018 but wanted to hear of any more recent experiences/updates to the process. How are interviewees selected? How many are actually admitted? Types of questions? Any and all info is greatly appreciated.

How were the MMI interviews? Any insights? Did they give you any idea of timeframe for decisions?

My daughter is on the student panel for these and said they are ongoing through the middle of January. I think the admission results for most students will be at the end of January through the portal.

They are “think on your feet” type questions. They don’t expect you to know nursing, for example, but they do expect you to know that the patient deserves information and you can’t lie to the patient if the family wants you to. It’s common sense stuff but you have to show some thought behind it and some compassion.

@bearcatfan- do you happen to know any admission stats for the school of nursing? Curious how many get in to the program as freshman.

I got statistics when my daughter attended a nursing open house. They shoot for admitting 350, expecting a class of about 190. You could reach out to admissions to ask more questions. My information is several years old, unfortunately.