U DAYTON or St. Norbert College

My son was accepted and received strong aid from both colleges. Can anyone who had kids that went to either college comment on which they’d recommend? Thank you! KD

I can comment on Dayton, we have been very happy with our child’s experience there. Nice size school with about 8,000 undergrads, all students regardless of major take what they call common academic program requirements which includes history, philosophy and religion courses. The students are very friendly and hard-working from what we have seen. There is Greek life, but it is small and if you are in it great, if not no big deal at all. The university owns the majority of the student houses which are located pretty much adjacent to the campus. Many activities to get involved in. What does your son want to study? What qualities in a school is he looking for? What other questions do you have?

St Norbert’s is in De Pere, a suburb of Green Bay. Very residential plus industry. Small campus in a small town that does not have much of a downtown. GB has a public U (UWGB) but neither school is top tier. Green Bay’s population has increased a lot but still not much of a college town- historically blue collar (paper mills and packing). Good place for families and football permeates the area. Know nothing about Dayton.

Dayton is stronger academically.