U Delaware and speech pathology grad school

<p>Is going to University of Delaware as an undergraduate as a linguistics major a good way to get into grad school in speech pathology?</p>

<p>It depends...the linguistics department at Delaware offers an undergrad concentration in speech pathology. So, if you major in the speech pathology track, it should provide you with the prerequisite courses for a grad program in speech pathology. If you just major in another track in the linguistics department, you probably won't have the prerequisite courses you need for a grad program in speech pathology.</p>

<p>Most grad programs in speech pathology require certain courses at the undergrad level prior to addmission. These prequisites are fairly similar across these programs since thee are national certification standards. There are some programs that do not require specific undergrad prerequisite courses. One of those is the sppech & language pathology program at Teachers College, Columbia U. I recommend that you check the specific prerequisites for any pasrticular graduate programs you are considering.</p>