U. Kentucky Presidential Scholarship

How competitive is it to get this scholarship with 31 ACT and 3.9 GPA. Out of State resident. Any idea how many incoming freshmen apply for this scholarship and how many are rewarded? Good chance or highly unlikely? Only way I could afford is if I get this scholarship.

I was told it was automatic when I inquired for my daughter - she just sent her application last week

UK’s website says the Presidential is highly competitive.


Maybe it was the Bluegrass Spirit that was considered to be automatic? But any of these are likely limited to “while funds are available.”

What were the results? My DD21 likes UK and has an ACT of 31.

@Demofamily Assuming your daughter has good grades and a good rigor of classes (and she applies before 11/1) with an ACT of 31, she would probably receive an award of $12,500/year in scholarship money (Bluegrass Spirit). Colleges typically do not guarantee award money. To apply for the competitive scholarships, they need a minimum of 31 ACT. I would encourage you to visit UK if you haven’t already–it’s been an amazing school for my son and we are out-of-state.

My DS did get the Presidential and Honors acceptance with a GPA 3.86 AND 31 ACT.

@2024momma You found out about the Presidential already? I thought it said March 1. Are you in state or OOS?

In state…letter came Jan 20th.

That’s great! Congrats!

Thank you! Good Luck to yours…hope you hear soon!

Also, I will add that the funds were in myUK acct. before we got letter. :wink: