U-M applications, , projected freshman enrollment reach all-time high

For the fourth consecutive year, U-M received a record number of applications from prospective freshmen, and applications and paid deposits are up for underrepresented minority students.</p>

<p>Overall, there were 31,599 applications for academic year 2010–11, compared with 29,939 in the previous year. As of June 1, 15,979 of these applicants were offered admission to the university’s Ann Arbor campus.</p>

<p>The projected size of the entering class is approximately 6,350, an increase of about 300 more than last year. If this projection proves accurate, 2010 will see the largest incoming class in the history of the university. Plans are under way to support this larger-than-average class in academic resources, housing, transportation and related services.


<p>U-M</a> applications, projected freshman enrollment reach all-time high</p>

<p>ALSO: Common Application begins August 1</p>

<p>i saw the news and was about to post llol</p>

<p>ya its sad...</p>

<p>I am just guessing....but do you think the increase are mainly instaters? I would think that with the economic downturn, parents would tell their kids that the U of MI is one of the finest state U's around....so why should I pay OOS prices. Sure wish we were paying IS tuition. :)</p>

<p>I would love to know if the OOS number of attending has declined? Does anyone know these stats?? If so, then they had to accept more in-state to make up for the loss of OOS $$. Any thoughts??</p>

<p>^^based on acceptances from our area of NJ, I would think that the opposite is actually true; Michigan is in desperate need of the OOS tuition and likely accepted more OOS than in the past......in order to increase the number of OOS attending......our Naviance actually shows a marked difference between 2008 v 2009 v 2010 acceptances.....</p>

<p>Universities across the country are scrambling for more money. Nothing new here.</p>


<p>Yes they may have accepted more OOS'rs....what % of those actually chose to attend this year in comparison to previous years when personal financial portfolios were in much better shape? Those OOS Scholarships were few and far between this year unless you were an urm or lived in an urs.....They probably realized that fewer OOS'r are prepared to pay $50K for a State University so they increased their acceptance #'s to try and cover an expected downturn. They also accepted more instaters for that same reason ... They are happy to mention the applications stats on the rise and those acceptance rates...but I would be so curious to compare OOS vs IS stats of attending vs previous years....</p>

<p>Rodney: They allude to the fact that due to the rise of applications, they were able to be highly selective....that Oct. report will really be interesting when they reveal the average GPA, ACT, rank etc compared to years past. They have to be very careful of their selectivity rating...because so many OOS'rs pay the big bucks for that perceived selectivity. I know of a few high acheivers in our school district offered admission and some scholarship $$ that chose NorthWestern and Princeton over U MI for Engineering. I would think that those NJ kids may have also chosen schools like Cornell which is very popular for the NorthEast high achievers that also consider Michigan. Do you have stats on those kids from your area that chose other schools over MI and do you know why?</p>