U-M hires almost 200 new Medical School faculty members since May

<p>U-M</a> hires almost 200 new Medical School faculty members since May | University of Michigan Health System</p>

<p>"...is among the 184 new faculty members hired since May, boosting the total Medical School faculty to 2,254 — its highest point ever.</p>

<p>Overall, fiscal year 2010 showed a 103-person total increase in hiring over fiscal year 2009, which is in keeping with the annual faculty growth rate of 100-150 physicians and scientists that’s occurred during each of the last five years...</p>

<p>“Many other institutions have instituted freezes, cut programs or limited their services in the past, but we are continually growing,” says Margaret Gyetko, M.D., associate dean for Faculty Affairs and professor of internal medicine...</p>

<p>Among the biggest reasons U-M can continue to hire is because the Medical School faculty are so successful in attracting research funding. In fiscal year 2009, the faculty earned more than $366 million in National Institutes of Health (NIH) research funding, putting U-M in the top 10 medical schools in terms of NIH grants awarded...</p>

<p>U-M’s hiring strategy also reflects our academic medical center’s continued clinical growth as patients continue to seek expertise provided here. Of the 184 new hires, 168 have clinical responsibilities. The Medical School’s recruitment of new employees is designed to serve the missions of both clinical services and ground-breaking research, says James O. Woolliscroft, Dean of the Medical School and Lyle C. Roll professor of Medicine.</p>

<p>“The Medical School is in an enviable position among academic medical centers because we are able to hire. But we are not hiring just to grow, but to attract the best of the best, high-quality faculty who will help us reach long-term institutional aspirations,” says Woolliscroft.</p>

<p>“The added benefit is that there are few institutions or companies in Michigan that can boast our growth rate. We are adding well-paying jobs that make U-M one of the few economic drivers in the entire state.”</p>

<p>^^^The strength of the university is getting Ann Arbor through this horrible recession much better than the rest of the state. I am confident that the university will continue to grow more powerful and prestigious in the upcoming years.</p>