U Maryland essay

<p>UMD's essay say: 2-3 pages. that seems like an awful lot compared to everywhere else... does anybody know if it's 2-3 pages single ou double spaced cause if its double spaced then it's more like a normal 500 word essay.</p>

<p>Please answer quick..</p>

<p>I did it double spaced....im pretty sure that's what they want, as I can't imagine writing three pages single spaced for them...........</p>

<p>Why cant you imagine writing three pages for them BigSteve? Its a great school!
Go48 my D. is going there and when she wrote hers, she double spaced the essays.</p>

<p>hahaha....no i didnt mean it like that....im applying there and I like the school</p>

<p>Good! We like our Terpies ! Daughter is a freshman there and LOVES it! Lots of social activities...lots of walking (huge campus) she made some good friends at orientation and is having a super time! Tons to do. For a big school it runs amazingly smooth too!</p>

<p>ok thanks but are you sure that double spacing is ok ? so stupid of them to not put word count instead of page. also, if anyone knows what recomended word count for john hopkins app ( the one :what would u do with $10) please tell me cause they have no indication at all on app.</p>

<p>If they dont indicate on your application, then they don't really care. But try to keep under 1000 as a general rule.</p>

<p>staying under 1000 is no problem . i'm more interested in knowing what's the minimum?? some of these crazy topics are not really something you can write much about... I'm guessing everything has to be over 250 words at least??</p>