U Michigan and Oberlin Jazz Auditions

<p>My son, a senior, is doing early review auditions for U Michigan and Oberlin. He will get the non-binding results by mid-December. He chose to do this after visiting both schools in the spring and having lessons at which the teachers were encouraging. He is applying for Jazz Studies, Sax Performance. He is working hard to prepare with a demanding teacher, Jerry Bergonzi of NEC, who says he thinks son will do "great" in his auditions. That said, we realize it is very competitive and that son is taking a risk auditioning early to two of his top choices. But he likes the idea of the early feedback which can then inform some of his other application decisions. </p>

<p>Can anyone provide any first hand or anecdotal feedback about these two schools, either about the audition or their programs? Is there anything non-musical that can sink a candidate/audition? What do kids wear to auditions? Son will also have lunch with the jazz faculty following the audition at U Michigan. Anything he should read prior to his first audition?</p>

<p>Son is looking for a serious, high quality music experience but not overly competitive/driven atmosphere in college. He is great at jazz but also wants latitude to explore punk/ska, rock, gospel, etc as he does now.</p>


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