U Michigan and UW Madison

Both decisions come out soon and I know both are a slight reach…but any advice is great

GPA(w): 3.89 cumulative (upward trend from a 3.71, 3.83, to a 4.12) and I have a 4.6 this year if that helps, my school did send first quarter grades, my school doesn’t unweight GPAs but mine is about a 3.7 through my first 3 years but I have all A’s and A+'s this year

ACT; Sent all 3: 28c, 30E, 32M, 23R, 26S
27C: 25E, 26M, 28R, 28S
28C: 30E, 26M, 27R, 27S

Extracurricular: Captain of the varsity hockey team and a 4 year player, volunteer hockey coach, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Green team, Habitat for humanity, Manual labor planting job and a restaurant job

Essays: Very good went over them with my English teacher

Recs: Very good, got a good one from my honors physics teacher and for uw madison someone close to my family went there, worked for the governor of wisconsin and Bush in the white house and has some pull there so he wrote me a letter for that school

Additional Considerations: I have taken 4 AP classes through high school because we only offer them to juniors and seniors, but I have 4 other honors classes and I know everyone says this, but I do really come from a very prestigious high income public school in NJ, especially basing that off of the around 10 ivy acceptances, as well as WashU, Tufts, NYU Stern, etc. so far. Also I know my ACT isn’t that good so if I am deffered I will retake it in February

btw…my school has about a 50% admissions rate to U Mich and not really that many kids apply to UW Madison there’s been under 30 in the past 5 years


What is the average ACT score of those admitted by UMich from your school? Your ACT is below their mid 50 for admission (30-34). Your uwGPA is also below their admission average of 3.85. It would be a reach for you from OOS.