U of A Company Uniform- Questions

<p>For any student who is/was in the University of Arizona BFA Musical Theatre program, or any professors who might be able to help me, I have a couple of technical equipment questions:</p>

<p>I just received the packet from the School of Theatre Arts, listing which classes I need to enroll in for the Fall semester as well as what kind of shoes, etc. I need to purchase and wear to said classes. For the women, the “company uniform” consists of: 2 pairs of character shoes (one Black and one Bone), 1 pair of jazz sneakers, black leotard and tights, black shorts or jazz pants, a black tight-fitting top, and a black dance rehearsal skirt.</p>

<p>1) As to the character shoes- I have looked extensively online as well as at the local Capezio store, and there are no “bone”-colored character shoes to be found. There are “tan” or “caramel” shoes, or harder-to-find “white” shoes… but no “bone”. Is “bone” synonymous with “tan” or “white”, or is there somewhere I should be looking that I haven’t found yet?</p>

<p>2) What specifically qualifies as a “rehearsal skirt”? Does it have to be long or short? Made of a certain material? Any other important details?</p>

<p>3) The character shoes must be “rubberized” by the first day of class. Can this generally be done at any shoe repair shop? Also- I assume this is a non-slip precaution; or is there some other reason for rubberization?</p>

<p>Just thought I would see if I could get any help on here before I bother one of the professors with an email or a phone call. So far everyone in these forums has been very kind and helpful. Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to answer my questions!</p>

<p>I think I can help:
"bone" just means tan, nude, etc. Any character shoe in that general color range.
"rehearsal skirt" is usually right at knee length, mostly spandex, with black shine. If you go into a dance store and tell them rehearsal skirt they might be able to show you a few choices. Knee length is best.
"rubberized" is for non-slip grip onstage in in the rehearsal rooms, as well as to keep she shoes from scuffing the floors. Yes, a good shoe repair shop would do this.
For everyday classes, people just wear comfortable, tight fitting clothing, not necessarily leotards. Jazz pants and a form-fitting shirt is just fine.
Hoped this helped.</p>

<p>I have never heard of a rehearsal skirt being made of spandex! My D has had to use them during her years at an arts high school (actor training program) and they are usually simple skirts, often made out of cotton or a cotton blend, that actors rehearse in to get used to the type of clothes they may wear in a variety of plays, including period plays. (For instance, she had to wear a quite long rehearsal skirt in, well, rehearsals for a Shakespeare play.) My other daughter is a dancer and dancers' rehearsal skirts are often made of a kind of chiffon material that floats out from where it ties on at the waist. Of course, I am not familiar with Arizona's program, and perhaps ComedyTragedy is, so if that is the case, listen to her/him and not to me! If I were you, I would call the school to get details!</p>

<p>the skirt about which i am talking is specifically for musical theater. It is for all types of work. try these sites:</p>

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<p>A sincere thanks to both of you for responding; this really helped a lot. It's so nice to have this supportive online community! :)</p>