U of A versus NAU

<p>What does NAU have to offer? </p>

Flagstaff is beautiful and vibrant. Not much else, really. I don’t go to NAU (I go to community college less than a mile away), but my girlfriend attends. Almost from the first day, she wanted to transfer, mostly because she feels that the school isn’t intellectually stimulating enough. If you’re looking for a big party scene, come to Flagstaff. If you’re looking for a good school, go to U of A. Like I said, this is mostly based on what friends at both schools have told me.

But, yes, I’d say that Flagstaff is a much better college town than Tucson. Tucson is pretty…blah.

I have to agree, as a new flagstaff resident, the location is prime, and that side of town definitely always has party. Usually everything goes well, unless someone wanders into the more residential side of town. Come visit, if you can, it is gorgeous out here!