U of a

<p>Was anyone brave enough to apply there due to ther cuts?</p>

<p>One of my close friends is a freshman there right now. She loves it, though the cut system is a bit scary for her.</p>

<p>I applied, was accepted as an MT, and am thrilled. I will be attending next fall, and the thing about cuts at the U is that they are WAY overblown. I have friends in the program and the people who get cut are the ones who slack off, aren't willing to learn, or are not being team players. The individuals who get cut try to come on CC and make it sound like U of A was unfair and other rubbish, when they have no one to blame but themselves really. I personally have spoken with students and professors who say that if you show you WANT to be there, are trying to grow, and reaching out if you need help, you will not be cut. It is a top 10 program, the fact anyone wouldn't apply due to a cut system (which is exactly how the real world is and the business itself is), only hurts that individual. It is a great program and I really would encourage anyone you know to apply :)</p>

<p>What I have not understood at U of A is if the ones who get cut are "ones who slack off, aren't willing to learn, or are not being team players," then why have a number of students who have been cut state that they had excellent grades. It would seem if they slacked off, were not willing to learn and were not team players that their grades would reflect that. Some of those cut were also then admitted to top flight BFA programs. I think it is those facts that cause pause for some as this is different from students who are cut who have poor grades and attendance, etc.</p>

<p>In any case, best to you in your new college adventures!</p>

<p>The grading system is not the only thing taken into consideration. Your general attitude and development are not graded, as much as noted, from what I have heard. Hope this helps. And Thank you! I appreciate it :)</p>

<p>My daughter got straight A's. She was told by several teachers that she had nothing to worry about as far as cuts were concerned. So it was quite shocking for her to be cut on the last day of school, along with 4 other students! Nearly half of the freshman class were cut that day, and since then 3 others from that class have decided to leave the program.</p>

<p>^Precisely. This is why it seems different than many other programs. To receive an A in performing arts classes would reflect on attitude, development, willingness to learn and to work well with others. Also, to cut half a class......makes me wonder why half the kids who went through a very rigorous admissions process don't somehow make the cut, yet at other programs, way more than half the class seem to manage and graduate, etc. It seems it would be unusual that that high a percentage were not good enough to stay, after being selected in a highly competitive process in the first place.</p>