U of Alabama, Huntsville Vs. Troy university


<p>I'm an freshman applicant who, by most standards, can be considered very academic. I'm looking forward to graduating with dual degrees in Mathematics and Physics. </p>

<p>Due to financial constraints, I've applied to those universities that cost less. </p>

<p>University of Alabama in Huntsville and Troy Universities are at the top of the list.</p>

<p>While I absolutely love UAH, Troy university is very tempting because they're threatening to offer a full tuition and living expenses scholarship which would mean that I'll have to pay only for miscellaneous expenses for the entire course of the studies.</p>

<p>On the other hand, I find UAH a better choice for the kind of person I am. In my mind, UAH seems to be a place for the studious and especially, co-op programs to work in NASA while I learn makes UAH so very exciting! I also find that the physics department at UAH offers a very flexible program that delivers according to the student's interests.</p>

<p>I was told that I would qualify for scholarships in UAH worth about $4,000 and I'll have to pay the remaining $18,000 for <em>all</em> of the expenses (tuition, room and board, misc expenses etc)</p>

<p>Troy University, on the other hand, says that if I qualify for one of their elite scholarship, I will have to <em>pay</em> only $4000 per year for all the expenses (which includes only miscellaneous expenses because they pay for the rest)!!!</p>

<p>And, I'm one of the very few finalists chosen for that scholarship award.</p>

<p>But, when I think about UAH, I feel more at home because, I'm sure that the physics department in there is so damn good. But, in Troy University, the physics program is so weak.</p>

<p>I don't know what I should do because Troy is rated as one of the best in the southeast by princeton review and offers me a great package while UAH seems to have a great physics department with great special programs such as the co-op.</p>

<p>Any educated suggestions from experienced people will help a great deal!</p>


<p>How would you cover the $18K at UAH? Would you have to borrow everything? Are your parents helping at all? How much do you think you could earn in the summers and through work-study?</p>

<p>What about starting at Troy? Do a few yrs there and take the benefit of the scholarship. Study a summer or regular term at UAH (while you're at Troy) to compare, if it Troy, you're set, if not, transfer to UAH.</p>

<p>You do have some leverage to negotiate. Call the UAH financial aid department and tell them that you really want to go to UAH but you're worried about paying for it, and you've been offered full tuition elswhere. As a public university UAH may not have as much money for scholarships (especially if you're an out-of-state student) - but they do want to attract talented students who really want to be there (especially out-of-state students). If they know your situation, they may "discover" some extra funds. Maybe not a full ride, but hopefully enough to make it possible for you to attend.</p>