U of Arizona MT

My child is very excited about this program. Does anyone who has a child at UofA now want to share their thoughts on the MT program?


My child is in their BFA MT program and she absolutely loves it. 15 kids in her class- 10 MT/5 Acting. After going to a performing arts high school, she was looking for a small competitive program within a large university setting. She got the best of both worlds. Her class is crazy talented with 3 of her classmates attending the Jimmy awards and one of them taking home the top MT prize. The professors are amazing- very hands on, approachable and connected in the business. Just this past week the freshman class just had a chance to perform with Kristin Chenoweth and the Tucson Symphony Orchestra! I definitely would recommend auditioning if your child is looking for this type of environment. Good luck!

Hi MTMama23! My son is a sophomore at the University of Arizona in the BFA MT program too. He has had a great experience, and loves the program for so many reasons. He thinks so highly of the faculty, and has been pushed harder to grow and learn in technique. He also is a part of such a special group of friends in the program, and that has made his experience even better. They are like family, and truly support each other. He has been impressed with the curriculum, and enjoys being at a large, fun university, while having the benefit of being a part of such a small, tight-knit group. His professors have shown such love and care for the kids and are approachable, yet set the highest expectations for them- the perfect environment for growth and development. The faculty is also well-connected which gives them more great opportunities to meet important people in the industry. I hope this helps! Best to you and your child!

@curlyk @MTMAMA20 Thank you! That all sounds wonderful! We were impressed with the program we’re waiting for results.

Does anyone currently at U of AZ (or applying) also doing the AZ Honors Program? Son is an academic whose passion is MT. We hope AZ may be the right place for him, fingers crossed.