U of Arizona (non direct nursing)

Curious if anyone has any input on the nursing program at U of Arizona. We hadn’t really considered any non direct programs but when my son applied for business and received the 35k merit scholarship I looked more into their nursing program. Daughter also just received admission with the same 35k merit scholarship. That means the only cost would be room and board which is pretty reasonable. (like 13k) That is really an incredible savings.

I spoke to the nursing dept yesterday and the gal was very helpful. They have a fall and spring admit of 50 students each (traditional BSN) and then at their Gilbert/Phoenix campus another 75 students each for fall, spring and summer. (Holistic BSN) Doesn’t seem like they get a crazy amount of applications like the So Cal schools.

Would appreciate any input. Thanks in advance!

May want to find out how many pre-nursing applicants apply for secondary admission to the nursing major, how many are admitted, and what kind of college GPA or other credentials are typically necessary to pass the secondary admission process.


When I spoke with the nursing dept, I am almost certain she said that they only get a few hundred applications. Please don’t quote me on that but I was surprised by that and should have asked her to repeat herself. Sound like the GPA requirement is a 3.0 but she did say that admitted students tend to be higher.

The following are the requirements
GPA 3.0
Cumulative GPA 3.0
HESI Admission Assessment
Behavioral Interview
Holistic Criteria (Experience, Service, etc.)

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A “few hundred” total or for each program? That could mean 200-400 applications for those 50 spots.

I need to email the woman to clarify. I will def post what she says. I really appreciate that she took 30min via phone to speak with me.

Im trying to be open to other options and am trying to gather info about anyone who knows if UofA is a good program and their experience with it. A 35K scholarship and paying just room and board is a HUGE plus. Seems like their clinicals are within a short distance. In fact one hospital was within walking distance I think.

We were up in San Fran last weekend and looked at U of San Fran. It’s a beautiful campus that has some views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Dorms were stunning. When we were speaking in person with one of the admission gals, they actually send students to hospitals in San Jose (a 90 min drive) because there are not enough clinical spots in the city. Paying 70K a year (even with a 25K merit scholarship bringing it to 45K) and not having clinicals in the city surprised me.

We also visited UC Berkeley and San Fran State just to get a feel for other schools nearby. B doesn’t have a nursing program and SFS doesn’t have direct admit. I wanted my daughter to get a feel for schools in a city because that is what she seemed to want. After the visit, I am hearing some rumbling about maybe wanting a smaller school and even open to not being in the city. Mind you UofA is def not a small school. I went on to explain that even at big schools, your nursing cohort will make it feel smaller. I hope that Im right…

Daughter has done most pre req through dual enrollment with all A’s and works as a CNA so Im fairly certain that she would have a good enough GPA to move forward in a non direct program. I suppose having to take the HESI isn’t ideal but as said she is a good student and shouldn’t have a prob doing well on it.

Have received lots of acceptances to PA and OH direct admit schools so far but UofA still beats their price. I worry about the smaller public PA schools that are more in the country that they would be mostly commuter students. We need to go and visit in person and I know that.

2 trips are needed.

1)Driving road trip to U of NM, ASU, Westminster, and U of Utah (plus UofA)
2)Fly and rent a car and take 1 week to do PA and OH schools. Duquesne (received lots of merit but still too $$$), York, Xavier, Akron, Cleveland, U of Scranton, Bloomsburg, Indiana U of PA, Clarion, and Youngstown

Non-direct admit programs always make me nervous. What would your D do if she doesn’t get into the nursing program?

I hear ya! :wink: I suppose she would apply again for the next batch. They also have options for a holistic BSN in Gilbert which could work (you can apply for both at the same time) and they have 3 admission cycles fall, winter, and spring of 75 kids each. For free tuition, she can take a bunch of fun classes and try again next time. She is on the younger side so an extra year would be ok.