U of AZ-app for fall 2021/auto merit chart?

Hi, My D21 is interested in U of AZ. Does anyone know when she can apply for fall 2021 and if their auto merit chart will stay the same as last year? TIA

You can always keep checking the following web site to see when they update it for students applying for fall 2021.

@ucbalumnus Thank you?. I have been checking and will continue. I was hoping someone here might know based on previous years or have some info.

August 1 is when Fall 2021 admissions app opens up. Would assume they would have the rest of the info on aid at that time.

@browniebutton50 thank you!

Did you get the info on the merit awards today? U of A sent out an email. They are not requiring SAT in order to receive Merit Awards.

@browniebutton50 yes, received the email…thank you. I would think they would have a lot more qualifying applicants without needing an ACT/SAT score.