U of chicago? Can i dream?

<p>Alright. What i need to know is how much of a chance i have of getting in to u of chicago. It is by far my top school to go... i would love to study physics/astrophysics or calculus. But small talk aside, here's what i got</p>

<p>SAT - 1360 (crap i know) 710 math 650 verbal
SATII - math IIc 740 (retaken nov), Chem 730, us history 720, writing taken in nov.
ACT - 35, english 33, math 35, reading 36, science 36
Class rank - 97% out of 441 ('burbs of chicago high school)
GPA - 4.3
EC's - captain of varsity gymnastics team (state silver in 2002, bronze in 2003), captain of varsity swimming team
Science olympiad - STATE physics champ 2004, Qual. analysis 7th place
science club
music - 1st chair 1st alto sax since soph. year. jazz band, made IMEA jr. year 2nd chair out of 26 or so schools.
lettermen's club
youth and government</p>

<p>AP classes: 4 in chem, 4 in us history, taking calc BC, physics, english, and spanish this year
my essays were ok i think, my AP english teacher who got his master's from u of chicago didn't complain much. My recomendations were from a former u of chicago calculus professor (who got his bachelor's and master's from there) and from probably the best history teacher in the state. So what do u guys think? If there are any other schools that you can suggest that i take a look at, i would love to hear from you. Thanks a million in advance.</p>

<p>Everything you provided puts you in the very likely admit category for UChicago. One issue that makes a prediction difficult is that UChicago tends to be more unpredictable than many because it truly does a complete person type review and considers such things as essays and what you are like individually as highly important to the admission decision. As a result, UChicago can often admit someone who looks weak on stats and reject someone who looks unbeatable on stats.</p>

<p>In any event, applying to other schools is not only recommended but necessary. Particularly with your ACT score and GPA/rank, you could apply to many top colleges and have a decent shot at admission (e.g., Stanford, Northwestern, Penn, Yale, Amherst, Wash St Louis, etc.) However, more important is that you need to apply to at least one safety to which you are virtually guaranteed admission in case you are rejected by UChicago. In your case, UIUC would be one but there are any number of colleges to consider, and a number of private ones would likely give you at least a partial merit scholarship (some in or near Illinois: Bradley, Knox, Loyola, Augustana, DePaul, DePauw).</p>

<p>I'm a little confused, just lose those SAT scores and you would have phenom stats. Being from the burbs of Chicago, an ACT score will be common, and yours is excellent. On a visit to Amherst, I asked an admission officer who was from the Midwest, what the true story on ACT was, and he said that it truly did not matter which test you took. Scores like yours are the reason why I told my daughter don't send in any of the scores up front, it was worth the $20 odd to get to look at them first.</p>

<p>ok thanks for taking the time to respond, and also making me feel a little more secure!! haha! Ive already applied to UIUC and gotten in under materials science and engineering. also got in to u of arizona for the same major. I've applied to uc santa cruz (neuroscience), usc (aerospace engr), U. Va (engr sciences), u of florida (nuclear engr), and u of michigan (MSE). What are my chances at these places? Haha, i'd really don't want to go to college in Illinois... other than u chicago of course.
And i wish i could get rid of that ugly SAT score, but my counselor said that it would be "much better" to just send the scores right away without really giving a reason why... and gullible me went along with it. Oh well, hopefully it won't come back around and bite me in the arse. </p>

<p>Thanks a lot, again, for taking time to respond!</p>

<p>You did not need any SAT II's for UChicago and it takes either SAT or ACT. Thus, for the official score you could have sent only your ACT. In any event UChicago considers that one which it believes is higher and for admission your ACT will control.</p>

<p>ok so i have a couple more questions. should i do the interview for chicago? im not really quick on my feet... im one of those people who really thinks about an answer. Also should i mail in a recording of me playin the sax? obviously i don't want to major in music but would colleges want to hear it anyways?</p>

<p>UChicago considers the following "very important" in the admission decision: Courses and GPA, essay, recommendations, character and personal qualities; it considers "important" test scores, individual talent; interviews are in the "considered" category, along with minority status, legacy, and most EC's. The interview is thus not necessary but if you can speak intelligently at it, it can only help. As to sending a tape, I'm just not sure anyone would listen to it unless you do intend to pursue music at the university.</p>

<p>Dont send the SAT!!!! I know a guy in my high school class who had a 34 ACT but only a 1270 SAT. Had he sent the SAT he probably wouldn't have gotten in! Lose the SAT and you are in at Chicago, even with it you are very likely. With just the ACT you also have a good shot at Ivies also</p>

<p>Unfortunately the SAT was sent a while ago. dang counselors. I thought about applyin to the Ivies, but they just don't suit me for some reason. I would rather go to a school that i really like instead of going to a school that people would want me to go. the ivies are just not the place for me. Haha, man im going to be a nervous wreck around dec. 15th, when the EA decision comes in.</p>

<p>Your SAT is still within their range or just out, so don't sweat it.</p>