U of Colorado

<p>Does anyone know/have any connections to this MT program?
So far, all I know is that it is less competative than some other programs, so it's on my "in case" list. I could of course be wrong though. Let me know what you all know!
love, ToTheStage
p.s. sorry if I yet again created a thread that has already been created...I think I'm a chain-creator.</p>

<p>A girl from my D's school is a freshman in MT there this year. I will try to get her to post, if I can reach her somehow. The school itself has the reputation of being one of the big party schools, so I didn't encourage my D to apply there. That said, the girl we know who is there is very talented. Was our Gertrude in Seussical last year.</p>

<p>Thank you, that would be great!
I know...I'm not too into the unfocused/party thing, but I'm guessing/hoping the MTs are even a little bit separated from that.</p>


<p>Want to hear about this school too.</p>

<p>I just wanted to put this out there.. I really disagree with what people say about how this is a "big party school." Maybe this University has a bad reputation but that is only because we are highly looked upon so when one thing goes wrong it is highly publicized and in my view blown way out of proportion. I truely believe it is how you raise your children in an independent environment and not how the school is publicly viewed as. Through the experiences i've learned from my older sister at a UC and friends at schools all over the country this school is not a "big party school." If you want it to be a party school than it definately can be, but so can any other school you go to. However if you dont want it to be, it definately is a great choice. </p>

about the musical theater department here. It actually is a pretty competitive environment from my experience so far. The musical theater program specifically is in the college of music AND the college of arts and sciences (theater and dance department). I have found it to be a very good school for someone who is not ready for an extreme theater school like julliard or NYU but wants to be more challenged than a school that doesn't have as good of a program. As a musical theater major I have free voice lessons every week (mom liked that one!), dance classes, acting classes, and exploring the historical side of theater. Every year the program is becoming more and more advanced and new classes are alwasy becoming available. An interesting thing this program has us explore is not only the performing side of theater but also the technical side. I have found I have become an even better performer knowing what is going on around me as well as on stage performing. Right now I am involved in a costume class where I am actually constructing costumes and learning make up techniques. By the way.. if you would like to see the pictures from our musical we just did (Seussical the Musical) and the numerous others in the past and current ones you can go to <a href="http://theatre.colorado.edu/productionphotos/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://theatre.colorado.edu/productionphotos/&lt;/a> . (i'm the one in the pink in Seussical!) Another helpful site if you would like to explore what classes your son or daugher would take if involved in the program you can go to <a href="http://www.colorado.edu/catalog/catalog05-06/cs.html?s=2-59-1-3%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.colorado.edu/catalog/catalog05-06/cs.html?s=2-59-1-3&lt;/a> . There are also acapella groups you can be involved in and workshops and well... i could go on forever with the opportunities given to me here. The best part of it all is that I dont know one person here that is not happy. I really really want to stress that you should not listen to everything you hear about the party factor of schools because there is so much to offer here not to mention what a beautiful place boulder is! sorry this became such a lengthy reply but if there is any more questions i'll check back here and answer them in a shorter message back. But thanks for reading and i hope this helped out with your application process. OH! one more thing! if you are considering this school for musical theater make sure you check the website for the auditions because they come up pretty fast! </p>

<p>-jackie colgate
p.s. you can also email me at <a href="mailto:jacqueline.colgate@colorado.edu">jacqueline.colgate@colorado.edu</a></p>

<p>Jackie- Thanks for posting. I heard you were in Seussical again, and I am so happy to hear about your experieneces in Boulder. You know my D, she was Mrs. Mayor last year with you ;)</p>

<p>The info you gave was great. I have the feeling people will ask you about your audition there, and about performing opportunities. Since you were cast as a Freshman, obviously performing opportunities are available to underclassmen. </p>

<p>Anyway, thanks for posting. Hope you are having a great year up there.</p>

<p>Mrs. L.</p>