U of I, Wisc. Notre Dame???

<p>Ok now that I'm really serious about my college apps, I'd realy appreciate If everyone would give their opinion/advice on my chances to the following schools. </p>

<p>U of Illinois-engineering
U of Wisconsin-undecided
Notre Dame-undecided
Purdue- engineering ( I got accepted horray!) </p>

<p>White female, large public school
GPA. 3.5
Class Rank 75/560 UW, 60/560 W
ACT 30
AP Physics and Calc AB
Honors classes every year in core classes </p>

<p>Softball 4 yrs Varsity Captain, J.V MVP
Student Government President
C.E.C Club 10,11,12
V.P CEC Basketball 11,12 ( a club that specializes in promoting awareness of kids with special needs as well as planning peer-socialzation with these kids and the rest of the school)
NHS 11,12
Basketball and Volleyball 9,10
Band and Percussion Ensemble 9,10,11,12 </p>

<p>Americaqn Legion School Award
D.A.R Excellence in American History
C.S.L Scholar Athlete
Homecoming Court
The Instrumentalist Magazine Merit Award </p>

<p>I've been playing drums and percussion for 9 yrs and have also played softball for 10 years, the last three with highly competitve travel teams. </p>

<p>What are my chances, am I aiming too high?</p>

<p>which state?</p>

<p>Sorry, I'm from Illinois</p>

<p>Illinois - very good chance
Wisconsin - good chance
ND - reach</p>

<p>hey, where in IL are ya? :)</p>

<p>Illinois-I think your in
Notre Dame-Reachin...better have good essays bc Class Rank, GPA, and ACT are all below their average</p>

<p>athlonmj I'm right outside of Chicago</p>

<p>everyone else, thanks for your input!</p>