U of M vs. Colgate

<p>So May 1st is coming up fairly quickly and I am still torn about where to go. I come from a high school class of 75 and enjoy the fact that I can have strong relationships with many of my teachers. Yet, I still wish that my school had a variety of classes similar to many local schools. Right now I am interested in learning about neuroscience.
So here are the pros for each place:
accepted to RC which means I can finally learn Hindi
close to home (around 40 minutes away)
reputable school
variety of courses
Ann Arbor is an awesome town
enormous diversity</p>

small classes
charming environment (rural)
one on one relationships with professors
good living quarters
neuroscience program has been in existence for more than twenty years
a new area to explorer/ people to meet</p>

<p>I suppose I can always transfer but I would prefer to go to a school I would enjoy. Essentially wherever I go, I know that I will adapt to the school yet, I am still reluctant to make a final decision.</p>

<p>You obviously have a tough decision ahead of you....but the two schools are so different, it should make matters a little easier. Good luck and let us know what you decide.</p>