U of Miami, U of Michigan, U of Maryland @College Park, etc

<p>Hello all, </p>

<p>I am a white, caucasian senior who just applied with the nervous and anxious attitude towards receiving my decisions! I am a resident in New Jersey who goes to a fairly competitive high school, with a UW GPA of 3.65 and a W GPA of 4.31. I have a 2040 SAT score and a 690 on my US History SAT II. I am have taken or am taking AP Chem, AP Calc AB/BC, AP Gov and Politics, AP English, AP Spanish, AP USH I, and AP USH II. I am taking all honors and AP courses for my senior year. Here is a list of my extra-cirriculars:
-Spanish Honors Society (2 years) 1 year of being the Treasurer
-National Honors Society (2 years) 1 year of being the Treasurer
-Junior Statesmen of America (2 years) 1 year of being the Secretary
-Italian American Club
-Works at Michaels Arts and Crafts with over 100 hours.
-4 Years of Soccer (School)
-1 year of club soccer (I quit due to school) </p>

<p>My teachers wrote very good recommendations!! and I wrote a very good common app essay in my opinion and my AP English teacher said that as well! </p>

<p>Please chance me for:
U of Miami
U of MIchigan
U of Maryland </p>

<p>PS will i get any merit scholarships to any of these schools as well / financial aid.</p>

<p>Idk about the others, but I think you are an excellent candidate for UM, especially if your ranking is in the top 10%.</p>