U of Miami vs. Tulane University HELP

I was accepted into both of these schools and I am extremely torn between the two. Any sort of input would be helpful!</p>

<p>Wow, those are two good options. Miami or New Orleans? I have been to Tulane, but not the U. I would say go to Miami!</p>

<p>but why?!?!?</p>

<p>I would go to Miami because the weather is amazing and there is a lot of DIVERSITY and TONS TO DO as far as nightlife goes, ugh but so does New Orleans! Miami is more “cleaner” I would say. That may not be the right word, but I do believe it is bigger and well overall just better :)</p>

<p>MIAMI FTW!!</p>

<p>As a student of The U I may be biased, but I still say Miami:</p>

<li>Better weather</li>
<li>The buildings are not the beautiful gothic Tulane has, but they’re nice and always up-to-date and clean</li>
<li>Diverse students</li>
<li>Miami is an amazing city with excellent nightlife. Plus Key West, Bahamas, etc for Spring Break</li>
<li>Internships in Miami>New Orleans</li>