U of Redlands - Class of 2020

EA decision just arrived in the mail, my daughter is in with a $24K merit award.

As a lifelong So Cal resident who had never been to Redlands, we were pleasantly surprised by the campus and Downtown Redlands.

Congratulations arc918.

I applied on EA too and received $23K merit award. However, I am waiting for the need based aid confirmation which will decide if I can afford to attend.

I got my acceptance today. I was wondering how you got the merit scholarship information? Was it included in the letter? My letter says, “You indicated an intent to apply for a talent scholarship in music. You will be notified about that scholarship and any others for which you may be eligible after your audition.” ??

My daughter’s merit aid was listed on the admission letter. It said “you have been recognized with an Achievement Award in the amount of…”

Great! Thank you!

I just got my RD decision last night!! 23k Merit, waiting on need based to see if I can attend.

I was accepted today… 24k merit. Very exciting!

D received a letter of acceptance this weekend with a $25K achievement scholarship!

My D had received 14K academic merit EA. More recently, received 10k talent and just got a small university grant!

I got nominated for the Hunsaker Scholarship! Omg!

Anyone else?

@Komz1304 Would you mind sharing your statistics ? sat gpa extracurriculars :slight_smile:

@Aziz07 SAT - 1720 (M 600, R 480, W 640)
TOEFL - 102 (R 24, L 24, W, 28, S 26)
GPA - 3.53 (I would say I have a pretty decent academic rigor. I mostly had A- and B+. I don’t have AP classes since I was home-schooled)
Honors in Math and English
Eng Grammar Writing - A+
Eng Lit - B
Bio - B-
Chem - C+
Phy 1 - B+
Phy 2 - B+
Civics - A+
French 1 - A+
French 2 - A+
Javascript - A+
C Programming - A+
Java - A-
VB.Net - A-
I am currently learning C#.
ECs - I am a very dedicated environmentalist and Social activist. I pretty much work full time towards that.
Co-Founder and Head of Operations at my own organization that is UN Recognized
UAE National Director at another UN Recognized NGO
Have done 2 internships at software companies.
I have a 65 page profile of ECs but I can’t list them all here.
I have won many awards and certificates. 30+
Recs - Wonderful. I have 1 from the program coordinator of my organization, 1 from my internship supervisor and the other from my home-school supervisor.
Essay - 7-8/10 maybe? It talks more about my views on society and people and why I feel strongly about the environment and sociology.

I applied as a transfer student. I’m a freshman at a small LAC in the PNW but live in California. I’m still waiting on the notification.

finally heard yesterday as a transfer; in with 14,000 award