U of SC Class of 2025 Admissions

Use this board to discuss our thoughts throughout the admission process while we patiently wait for those decisions!

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I have a freshman at U of SC and a senior in high school waiting on admission. My older son found out last November 16. I know it’s only September, but we’re getting anxious!

My daughter has applied early action and we are anxiously awaiting the decision. UofSC is her first choice school. Fingers crossed!

Can anyone provide insight regarding what type of kid does well in the honors college? My DS is a high performer but is also very laid back. Plays 2 varsity sports, president of a non profit club for 3 years, 1490 SAT (taken last Nov), runs his own coaching business. He is intellectually curious but not entirely focused on academics. He likes his sleep, is very social, and very active. He will likely play club baseball and every possible intramural sport in addition to participating in a few social clubs and/or a fraternity.

I am a little concerned that he may not find his people in the honors college, if he even gets in. No sense in wasting his time with the application if it’s not a good fit. Thoughts?

PH, it kind of sounds like you answered your own question to me.

I applied EA and the wait is killing me. UofSC is my #1 choice so hopefully I get in!

Best of luck Rose! What do you love about Uof SC? My daughter applied but we have yet to visit.

Thank you! I am originally from South Carolina so I would love to move back and go to school there, they have one of the best business schools, they have amazing opportunities for internships, jobs and organizations and of course the best mascot. UofSC has been my dream since middle school even before I knew what I wanted to study. I just hope I can get in since I am out of state. If you don’t mind me asking what major did your daughter apply for?

What are some stats of out of state - I know South Carolina does a different gpa also only had written essay to submit in dual enrollment but it was a b grade - I am a A- student on out of state 4.0 scale

@“Rose.Jackson” its one of the biological sciences - i think its molecular biology.

@DianeMartin2025 I wish I knew the stats for out of state. I’ve heard that they have a different grading scare but unfortunately I don’t know how it is calculated although I wish I did.

Last year there was a hurricane that delayed the admission process so acceptances were a little later than normal. The years before students were finding out in early November. (6th, 7th). Who knows what 2020 will be like!

@Carolina321 hopefully we will hear back in November because the wait is torture.

GPA is calculated on a 4.0 unweighted scale. For weight, you add 0.5 for an honors class, and 1.0 for an AP class. This is true for instate and out-of-state. This is what I was told by the admissions office when we visited the school last summer (2019).

@sbgal2011 Thank you! I’m going to try and see what my gpa would be on that scale.

I also am anxiously waiting to hear if I get accepted. I received an email yesterday inviting me to apply for the honors college so I am hoping that is a good sign. Good luck and hope we all hear soon!

@PH sounds like your son and my daughter are similar. I don’t think she would be super happy in the Honors College, but maybe the Capstone Scholars? (my understanding is no application is required for the latter).

@Carolina321 I’m curious whether last years’ mid-November decisions were expected then, or whether some kids were notified early? Seems I saw that SC said to expect decisions mid-December this year.

Hi. I applied on 9/19 and have not received a decision yet. Has anybody heard back?

@abbysinberg I haven’t heard anything back yet but I do hope to hear something before Mid-December.