U of SC create your own major- has anyone done this?

The U of SC honors college allows you to create your own major thru the BARSC program. Has anyone had experience with this? U of SC doesn’t have my son’s major (environmental econ) and he’s trying to weigh the pros and cons of creating your own major. Thanks!

He may want to compare the basic requirements for BARSC versus the regular economics major and see which one is the best starting point to add his desired elective course work around.


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Thanks @ucbalumnus. He would have to double major (econ and env studies) and also wants to minor in stats. We cannot figure out if that is even possible in 4 years as the catalog is not entirely clear about whether you can drop some requirements and/or apply the same class to both majors. Creating your own major would seem much easier, but maintaining a 3.6 and meeting the other requirements could be daunting as well. Hoping someone who has done this could shed some light.

Could he major in one of the three subjects (whichever one his courses of interest fulfill the most requirements out of) and fill elective space with the courses of interest in the other subjects, without worrying about checking every box for the second major or minor?

Upper level statistics courses will require more and harder math and statistics than economics and environmental studies require, so if he takes that route, he needs to make sure to take those math and statistics courses.

Here is the environmental studies major:

It does look like he could fit in some of the economics major courses like intermediate microeconomics, intermediate macroeconomics, and econometrics in the elective space.

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