U of Toronto CS program essays?

Hi guys,

I was wondering if UofT CS program requires you to write down any essays. I’m applying to University College as my first choice but have yet to receive the JOINid to access the CS portal from UofT (it will arrive around Jan.9).

The problem is that the application deadline is due on Jan.15 and I will have to wait until Jan.9 in order to access the portal (which is where I’ll get the essay prompts)

I would really want to know in advance if there are any essay prompts for CS program so that I can prepare for it.

Thank you!

No, there are no essay prompts for CS.

wait… I wrote 4 120 word essays for UTSG CS?!

Pretty sure there are essays, @bouders u sure?

Also @fudgelgentle the application deadline is for the application itself, and (if there are any) essays count as supplemental application, which is due on Feb. 1

You’re right @user_393172 That’s new for this year. They haven’t required essays before. I would expect the program to be more selective this year than it was previously. It may become similar in selectivity to UWaterloo. They admit fewer than 10% of applicants to CS.

Yeah there are essays for CS. Lol they’re the same as the Virginia Tech Ut Prosim Essays