U. Portland vs Chapman: Finance & Accounting

<p>Worst week ever. After getting into my first choice dream school, USC Marshall, I've heard back from FA and it looks like there's no way I'm going to be able to afford tuition. :( So, I'm left with either staying at my current B-School, University of Portland Pamplin, or transferring down to Chapman Argyros.</p>

<p>I received a scholarship from Chapman, so it would work out to only a few grand more than what I'm paying right now, so it's really tempting. The only thing is that the primary reason I'd be transferring is to gain better recruitment options over UP. Does anyone know if Chapman's business program is any good for a finance and accounting double major? I know Argyros used to be ranked around 50 by B-week but it seems like they've completely dropped off the rankings this year now that B-week uses job placement as more of a deciding factor. Any advice on what I should do?</p>

<p>P.S.-I should probably also throw in that I'm from Hawai'i and I hate the weather in Portland. :p</p>

<p>Also post this on the Business Major subforum as your question mainly has to do with which school has the better program.</p>

<p>You may want to contact Chapman's career center and see what companies recruit there and what their placements are rather than relying on some b-week rankings.</p>

<p>Will do entomom and hahahahah, thanks.</p>