U.S. Assault on Falluja

<p>From CNN.com: "Commanders have said it will likely be the Marines' biggest combat operation since Hue City in Vietnam, when Marines, soldiers and South Vietnam forces fought the North Vietnamese Army in bloody urban combat in Vietnam's ancient capital."</p>

<p>It's the beginning of the end for Zarqawi.</p>

<p>I hope you are right. The references to VietNam are not exactly comforting, for someone who grew up during that war and lost Marine friends there.</p>

<p>i think on npr they just reported that a high ranking iraqi militart officer defected after getting a detailed report on us plans for attack, we'll see how that plays out.</p>

<p>Oh, they'll be a big fight, the U.S. will go in and destroy what's left of the city, we'll all be very proud that our Marines can defeat a bunch of poorly equipped, untrained religious fanatics, and the people will thank us for it.</p>