U.S. Presidential Scholars Applicants 2020

My daughter received an email notice today that she’s been nominated to apply for the US Presidential Scholars. I know she didn’t receive it based on ACT/SAT scores so I’m guessing she was nominated by our Chief State School Officer (she was an alternate for USSYP this year). I know the application process is pretty involved and she’s a great candidate aside from test scores. I’m wondering if anyone other than high test score kids have a chance? She’s done with college apps but working on some scholarship stuff and still has some honors program essays to do, so it will be up to her whether to pursue this, but thought I’d check in to see if anyone with more experience has any thoughts or advice

Congrats to your DD. It is a big honor to be nominated. My oldest was a candidate and youngest found out today that she is as well. It takes a lot of time to apply and the competition is tough but you never know how these things will turn out. Good luck!

Congrats! My DS was notified today as well that he is a candidate. ? He is not too thrilled about the application process! And even if he would possibly be selected (which seems like a long shot), he will be out of the country most of June 2020 during the National Recognition Program anyway, so he is even less enthusiastic about completing the application. I think he should do it, but he is very burned out on applications! Would being named a candidate be something he should update his schools he is still waiting to hear from about? It’s cool to get this honor!

I doubt it could hurt to update an admissions counselor.

Given that thousands get this initial honor, and that it’s based on test scores, not worth noting to selective colleges.

Congrats! My DS also was notified today and 161/2600 chance to be chosen, he will need to make a small decision for the application.

@dreambig55 I guess that can’t hurt right? My son was nominated as well and I will recommend that he update his applications too! Congrats to all of the nominees!!

@dreambig55, Congrats and i am encouraging my son to apply although he has application fatigue. This honor is resume strong and follows you for life if chosen!

how many noticed the similarities between this list and nmsf?

At DS’s school, it seems that 2 of the 4 NMSF are candidates for the US Presidential Scholars Program. That probably doesn’t tell much, since that’s a pretty small sample

~4000 US Presidential Scholars candidates vs. ~16000 NMSF.

It seems like a lot of work for a high school honor. Don’t most high school awards get dropped from the resume on entering college?

You are nominated purely based upon having the highest SAT or ACT score in your state. In other words, no new information on the college app.

And while I don’t doubt those getting awarded at the end are talented, it’s a weird honor in that the main honor has exactly two per state (one male and one female), regardless of population. It is far easier to win from Montana than from California.

I just want to emphasize that this is not the only way you get nominated. My D only has a 31 on the ACT (not a great test taker), but she was a finalist/alternate for USSYP and had some other national-level honors (e.g. NSLI-Y), so she must have been nominated directly by the Chief State School Officer. She’s one of those kids who has a block when it comes to multiple-choice testing but is pretty bright and has an impressive resume.

Edited to Add: the only other nominee from her school has better test scores, but still not tops in state (think he qualified for National Hispanic Scholar)

Does anyone know when semi-finalist results come out?

The last I heard the semi-finalist would be announced mid April but no exact day.

It came out! Semifinalist! How do they select?

My D is a Semifinalist!

When do you think results will come out?

I am hoping this Wednesday. Last year it was Wednesday.