“UA Competitive Academic Scale” tiers

Recently UA introduced a new matrix for scholarships. This is definitely designed to work in conjunction with the test optional environment we are all in. The web site states that if you submit your scholarship app and have a larger reward under the new matrix, you will receive that reward instead. All very clear.
It is ranked into “First Tier”, “Second Tier”, and “Third Tier”, but the tiers appear to be independent of the student’s GPA, as that is the other part of the matrix. So, does anyone know what criteria are being used to group students into the tiers? It certainly would be great for D21, who didn’t qualify for President’s but did get nice scholarship from merit, to turn out to be “First Tier” and have the equivalent of President’s, given that ACT test opportunities weren’t what they normally would have been.

@dudewith2. We were at a University Days last Tuesday. They said for automatic OOS merit you needed a score. However they mentioned that there are GPA only scholarships that I believe require an application and essay. Also for Honors college if you don’t have a qualifying score (30 ACT or 1320 SAT) you need a 3.75GPA instead of the 3.5 and need to submit 2 letters of recommendation. They also said they will accept scores until the middle of February and adjust accordingly.