UA Dorms-Living/Learning Environments

<p>I just wanted to pass along some information on dorms. Even though it is really late for dorm assignments, it is my understanding that there are still some really good ones left if you apply for some of the living/learning environments. </p>

<p>I applied for a dorm assignment late, and I thought I would be assigned to one of the less popular dorms. (Other people who applied when I did were complaining about their dorm assignments.) Instead, I applied to the business wing of La Paz and got the assignment. There may still be some rooms available there, and its a good dorm. I've heard there are some rooms still left in Pima if you want in the Blue Chip Leadership section. You just have to apply and be accepted.</p>

<p>Take a look at some of the living/learning environments. They're usually in the nicer dorms, and there are apparently still spaces available.</p>