UA Honor Band concerts TODAY

<p>For anyone interested, UA is live-streaming their high school Honor Band concerts this afternoon. There is a schedule on this page along with a link to the live streaming: Honor</a> Band Concerts | University of Alabama Bands</p>

<p>My son had the privilege of participating in this extraordinary event this weekend. Despite being very sick the whole weekend (poor kid) he has done an amazing job - and the percussion professors have taken notice. He is not certain to what extent he will be participating in music at UA, but if he does decide to pursue it at some level, he will be known within the percussion department going in...which I think offers much benefit to him.</p>

<p>I mention this for those of you who may have sophomores or juniors interested in the music program. It's worth trying to get to this honors band event. The networking alone is worth the time and effort. </p>

<p>Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.</p>

<p>We are here also! D has had a great but very tiring weekend! She's beginning to suffer from what we like to call "band hangover." Having the chance to work with Mark Scatterday, the Director of the Eastman Wind Ensemble, has been fantastic!</p>

<p>My son is in the Festival Wind Ensemble also...what does your daughter play? My son has had a terrible cold/sinus infection all weekend and has missed several of the non-essential events - so he could rest in bed at the hotel.</p>

<p>I would like to know when auditions for music groups are held. My D plays the flute and would like to play in a group- she's just not sure which one. She'd like to do one more for fun than a serious one.</p>

<p>She's the third chair oboe. She came to Honor Band here two years ago as a soph. and has performed in Moody several times since 8th grade. Its a great concert hall! Fortunately we don't have to travel quite as far as you do! :)</p>

<p>Wdaveo, were you able to make it to the Spectrum concert? It's always been one of our favorites!</p>

<p>We did get to see the Spectrum was awesome! My S really enjoyed all the percussion you might imagine.</p>

<p>We were a bit disappointed this afternoon that the conductor of the Festival Wind Ensemble chose to NOT stream the concert. All the other performances were live-streamed. We had several friends and family members lined up to watch it. Not sure why he wouldn't want to stream it. </p>

<p>But excellent experience for my S. They are very interested in him joining the percussion studio.</p>

<p>linnylu - I don't have a lot of information about the different bands/ensembles. If I understand it correctly, though, there is a concert band that meets in the 2nd semester only and does not require an audition. Not sure if that is something your D would be interested in. Otherwise, auditions for the other groups take place in the fall. They mentioned to us to just keep checking the band website for information.</p>

<p>University</a> of Alabama School of Music Non-Majors</p>

<p>University</a> of Alabama School of Music Instrumental</p>

<p>^^Links for info for non-majors</p>


<p>University</a> of Alabama School of Music Ensemble Auditions</p>

<p>Wow! I'm surprised it wasn't streamed. My best friend's son was there working on the stage crew today. I'll have to ask him about it and see if maybe it will be archived anyway. Very excited that DD received one of the scholarships for concert ensemble participation next year! Now she just has to get the flute out and practice for her MDB audition.</p>

<p>There will be auditions in the fall for three concert bands: Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band. Concert Band is open to anyone and meets during spring semester only; and auditions are only for chair placement. This past fall, auditions were on August 22 and 23. There are also auditions again in the spring.</p>

<p>You can lose your place in spring semester. This year, some who had been in Symphonic in the fall were in Concert in the spring. Not sure if that was a result of auditions, or just a scheduling conflict with Symphonic's rehearsal times. </p>

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