UA purchases vast collection of rare books

<p>UA</a> purchases vast collection of rare books |</p>

<p>TUSCALOOSA |"In the dawning of the era of digital books, the University of Alabama is acquiring an impressive assortment of rare books that gives it the largest special collection in the state...</p>

<p>“Bringing Mr. Williams’ collection here not only makes (UA’s collection) the largest collection in the state, but one of the richest on Southern history in the country,” said Louis Pitschmann, dean of UA libraries. “Google Books does not have what Mr. Williams has.”...</p>

<p>“It moves us to a totally new level of prominence in terms of research and service,” he said. “The plan is to promote it aggressively.”...</p>

<p>In an era when university research libraries can give students access to most any book or article published in the world through digital records, universities won’t be judged on the size of their libraries, Pitschmann said.</p>

<p>Archives will contain the unique information, he said.</p>

<p>“It’s special collections that will define the value of a library and establish the reputation of a library,” Pitschmann said.</p>