UA studies new goal for enrollment

<p>There was an article in Sunday's Tuscaloosa News about future expansion opportunities at UA now that Witt's original expansion plans has concluded. Some of the main points:</p>

<li><p>He will announce a new enrollment goal to BoT in November, but it's unlikely to be as dramatic this recent one was. He has informally said that he wants UA to top out in the mid-30s when all is said and done.</p></li>
<li><p>The administrators want to lower the admissions rate (or least not raise it from it's current value of ~60%) since that will boost perceptions of academic quality. </p></li>
<li><p>Out-of-state recruitment will continue to be a priority since Alabama's population and high school graduation rate is not expected to grow significantly.</p></li>
<li><p>The campus has been pretty much filled up, and the Bryce property is not likely to come online in the foreseeable future.</p></li>

<p>UA</a> studies new goal for enrollment |</p>

<p>Thanks for posting this. Wow, UA is growing it's enrollment and campus substantially.
I wonder how many of this year's 20,000 applicants were CC'ers recruited by M2ck, Seatide, Momreads et all?</p>

<p>Enrollment in the mid-30s, that will be interesting. I'm glad to see that we will keep admission standards high. While campus may be filling up, I do see space for better utilization of existing resources (not the Bryce Campus) that could possibly accommodate much of this increase.</p>

<p>I would like to see the how much impact CC has on enrollment.</p>

<p>This website? Well, if you take into account the fact that more than 5,000 freshman will enroll in the fall, even if 25 of those are going because of CC, that's still only 1/2 of 1%.</p>

<p>I know this board has many lurkers and people that don't post but PM m2ck. It's not a high percentage for sure, but it is a good amount of people.</p>

<p>And those people talk to people, who talk to more people. . . .</p>

<p>The acceptance rate of 60 % (actually, it was 60.4 %) referenced by Feenotype was for Fall of 2008. The acceptance rate for Fall of 2009 was even lower, at 57.4 %.</p>

<p>2009 </p>

<p>Number who applied: 19,518 </p>

<p>Number admitted: 11,194 </p>

<p>Acceptance rate: 57.4% </p>

<p>That is rather amazing! In 2003, the acceptance rate was 86.7%. That's a big change in 6 years!</p>

<p>That is quite amazing. How difficult is admission to UA now? I'm not taking about honors college or scholarships, just plain admission. When I came in, a B average and a 21 ACT was required for freshman (2.0 GPA for transfers). What are the requirements now?</p>

<p>According to the College Board page, the middle 50 percent of first-year students have SAT critical reading scores of 500-600 and math scores of 500-620. The ACT composite score is 21-28. Under the admissions policies and factors section, there is a statement that says that students with 1000 on the SAT (21 on the ACT) and a 3.0 GPA typically will be offered admission.</p>

<p>If Bama is declining 42% of applicants, I wonder if there has been a change. I once asked and I was told that those with borderline stats who apply early have a better chance of admittance than those who apply later. They are more lenient with those who have a B average than those who are sub 3.0.</p>

<p>Those 42% can't all be people who simply don't meet the minimum requirements, IMO.</p>

<p>I agree! </p>

<p>there has to have been some increases in req'ts in some way. There's no way that 42% couldn't meet the ACT 21 and 3.0 minimum. But, maybe those who had - say an ACT 23 - but a GPA of 2.7 got rejected.</p>

<p>They could still have left the requirements alone, and just had a HUGE increase in the number of applicants. If you can only accept a certain number of students each year, but one year you have significantly more applicants than the prior year, your acceptance rate is naturally going to go down. Some kids who met the admission requirements might be rejected just because there was no more space available.</p>

<p>True. But, Bama is still accepting apps right now. It probably would reject anyone with a lowish ACT, and accept anyone with a high one. But, even though they're "full", they will still accept an app right now if the stats are high enough. </p>

<p>It would be interesting to see if there's some kind of sliding scale that occurs during the app process. For instance, if you have an ACT 21 and a 3.0 GPA and you apply in September, you'll be accepted. But, if you apply in Dec, you'll be rejected because maybe at that point the minimum is now an ACT 23. </p>

<p>I do know that there were 2 parents on CC that had children applying that had lowish ACT scores, but good GPAs. They applied early and were accepted. If they had applied later, maybe they wouldn't have been.</p>

<p>Question for mom2collegekids. If Alabama is "full" then how are they still accepting applications? It just seems a bit late... I mean it's June 1st...</p>

<p>Do you mean for fall or for spring?</p>

<p>Every school always has some summer "melt." That means some kids change their mind at the last minute and don't come.</p>

<p>I meant for the fall semester. I guess your right, do you think it's still possible that I might get in for the fall.. Actually no that's a really stupid question, I certainly doubt it. Anyway, I'm praying people drop out within the first semester so there will be an open spot for me :)</p>

<p>I honestly hope any further increase in enrollment is postponed until after the Bryce property is in UA hands and is cleared and developed. Part of what make UA special is the intimate feel that the campus has. </p>

<p>There were only 15,000 students in the early 90's when I was at UA. From what I've seen the campus can handle the 28,000 enrollment figures now without losing it's charm. I fear it would do so if another 7,000 were added though.</p>

<p>Enrollment capped at roughly 28,000 while increasing standards and lowering the acceptance rate is the way to go IMHO.</p>

<p>Yes, but does anyone know how many kids drop out within the first semester? Enrollment won't actually be increased if students drop out before I apply...</p>