UA Visit Today

<p>D and I did UA visit today. Even though I didn't set up time with the Honors Dept or any people in her chosen major department, we feel like she got a good idea of the school from the admissions session and the campus tour. </p>

<p>One thing I heard from the admissions session that I didn't know was that with ACT 28 you are automatically in the honors program as long as you complete the application. And that we automatically qualify for the 3500 tuition reduction for out of state students, while not nearly enough to cover the diff between in state and OOS, it's good to know that where we stand now she will get something...and hopefully ACT from last week is at least 30.</p>

<p>We looked at a room in Ridgecrest South which I understand all honors students get and she LOVED it!!!! Big difference from regular dorms with community baths.</p>

<p>Now that its in serious consideration, we will definitely go back and talk to honors dept and others. She also has a friend who is a freshman so we are thinking she can go for a weekend visit as well.</p>

<p>Hi gamom-
UA is a nice school, and was my son's 2nd choice. He had a 33 ACT (#2 in class) and received full OOS tuition scholarship and with his music scholarship, wound up with a full ride. I told a friend of his last fall about their great merit aid for top students, she applied and received 2/3 OOS tuition scholarship with I think a 30? ACT. I was very impressed by how strongly they recruit top students from OOS to come to UA. Although my son decided on a different school (he made it into his reach school), they still sent his award package to the high school to honor him on awards day (beautifully packaged certificate in engraved graduation diploma style cover). We also visited the campus when he auditioned and couldn't have asked for nicer, more professional faculty/staff there. Also, I was impressed with how many of their students participate in the USA All America Academic Team. The school seems to have great $$ backing with some of the industry close by and the football team is awesome. A school full of great spirit! Good luck to your daughter!</p>

<p>not all honors students get a room in ridgecrest south, but all honors students have the opportunity to live in a suite style dorm.</p>

<p>^^^ True....</p>

<p>If you want Ridgecrest South, then you have to send your deposits in EARLY (for admission and for housing). If you send it in later, you will likely get into an honors dorm in another building. </p>

<p>All honors dorms are "super suites style" (private bedrooms, etc), but the layout is a bit different from Ridgecrest South. In the other honors halls, instead of having 2 bedrooms on one side and 2 on the other, all 4 bedrooms are on the same side. And, the kitchenette is more separated in the other honors suites.</p>

<p>There are about 6 honors residence halls.</p>

<p>Glad to hear that your visit went well!</p>