UA will NOT have to vacate 2009 wins and NC

<p>UA will NOT have to vacate wins from 2009, and will not lose the National Championship for 2009. The contact that Marcell Dareus may have had with an agent occurred in May of this year, so even if UA was to be punished for the contact (which it won’t), it could not affect 2009’s season. </p>

<p>There are up to 40 players who may have attended the agent’s party, so there is much less chance that any one team will be punished. At worst, UA will have to sit out Marcel Dareus for a game or two, and he will have to pay back all expenses or provide proof that he paid his own way to the party.</p>

<p>Great news that's front and center all the way over here in Hawaii. The headline on the sports page of today's Honolulu Star Advertiser reads (in huge font), "Saban Says Agents Are Pimps."</p>

<p>You go Coach! Roll Tide!</p>

<p>Nick needs to keep his players in lock-down like he does for days before each game. Or, put ankle monitors on them...LOL</p>

<p>M2CK: Not ankle monitors. There are other NCAA schools that need them more.</p>


<p>LOL..yeah, like Tennessee.</p>

<p>hmm ankle monitors are primarily used to keep a person within an would be a nightmare to use it to track where a person is, anywhere, at any one time
generally, the police put RFID sensors around the area where the person must stay, and if the person leaves the perimeter, an alarm goes off</p>

<p>also, it's difficult for private individuals to obtain them, though i guess the team could use the university police to get them</p>

<p>just something to think about...</p>

<p>M2k, half the Tennessee players are already in court sanctioned ankle monitors. . .</p>

<p>^^^Well, as long as we're hating on Tennessee, allow me to re-post a link to a video I tossed up here a few months ago. This is for those who haven't yet had the opportunity to indulge. :)</p>

<p>YouTube</a> - I Hate Tennessee</p>