UAB EMSAP Class of 2020

Any idea on when and how UAB send out interview invites?

Hey! I got an email saying I was a semi-finalist today morning. I must have missed the phone call, but I got the interview invites today. According to the email, there were 36 students in total. Has anyone else on this thread move on?

@GeorgiaCollegeKid - Congratulations!!! And Good luck!

Congratulations and good luck! My son got a reject.

@utopria - Were you in-state or in region? I heard UAB has preference for in state and in region students.

I’m not sure if that’s completely true, because I read somewhere that the Med School does not have certain seats for IS/OOS students. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Yes we are out of state, in Georgia.
Georgia college kid…do you mind placing your stats here…
Wondering what the direct med schools are looking for…And what are my sons chances in other schools for BS\MD…

Hey guuys got a 30k scholarship as an international student

Congratulations and all the very best with interview.

Which scholarship did your get? was it related to honors college?

My DS was rejected. Hoping for other positives.