UAlbany Business

Hey everyone. I am going to be a freshman at UAlbany as a direct admit to their business school in September 2017. For all current students in the business program, what are your likes about the program and how would you rate it overall? Thanks!

amazing university for business/related fields. i just received my accounting degree from UA and it was not only challenging, but enriching. i love UA and i recommended it to anyone, especially their business school.

@JMM72493 thanks for the feedback! Can’t wait to go to school here.

yeah man, you should be excited! UA is renovating the campus center, so by the time you enroll (I am assuming Fall 2017), it will be complete! also, the business building is literally the best building on campus. the professors are amazing (for the most part) and you will have so many opportunities to get internships through the career fairs they have at UA. also, there are really awesome clubs/orgs you can join (delta sigma pi, beta alpha psi, ABLE, etc.) that help with the career search. enjoy your time there!