UAlbany Class of 2025 early action admissions

I haven’t seen a threat yet for UAlbany early action 2025. Has anyone heard back? Feel free to share stats!

all of my materials were received 11/24 no decision yet

My daughter just heard today that she was accepted at SUNY Albany via email after applying Early Action. She applied to the Human Development program, most likely for Education. Did not take SAT or ACT, about a 90 average, no honors courses, but 1 college level course. She had lots of volunteer hours but no real extra-curricular activities. We went to visit over the summer, and though it didn’t impress me that much due to “mom things” like dirty sidewalks, lol, she loved it there, and will likely attend. She also got into Plattsburgh, but has not heard back yet from Cortland, New Paltz or Oneonta. Good Luck Everyone!

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Just received my acceptance! I applied 11/29. Does anyone know when we get merit scholarship notification, or is it given with your acceptance? Good luck everyone!

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Also waiting for merit scholarship, wondering when they will come out

I emailed admissions and asked… they said they will release them 1-2 weeks after the decision

just got mine!

did you get it through the potal? still waiting on mine

I got an email titled “Scholarship Award Notification”-best of luck!

thanks so much!

My son applied regular decision and got accepted 12/28 via the portal

My application was downloaded by UAlbany in october 2020. Do they give you their decision via email or through the portal. And if it’s through the portal, how do you access this? I haven’t got an Albany ID

highly considering Albany, daughter liked it. I liked it better than previous years but hard to get a vibe since campus was nearly empty due to covid like most campuses. any input about students doing well as a student and as a graduate from the psychology field thanks