UArts Stage Combat

<p>I’m very aware of UArts stage combat program, and Charles Conwell’s reputation as a teacher, I’ve heard nothing but good things.
But I was wondering, if anyone has worked with him and could tell me about how he teaches, his teaching method and structure, how his classes are structured and anything else about his classes and the whole Combat program. I’ve talked to him and he’s told me about how the 8 semester program is structured, but I want to get feed back from the students.
And while your at it, if you have any thing else on UArts that you could tell me, that’d be awesome.
thanks. : )</p>

<p>i worked with charles as a director last semester in "The Contrast," which is of course a different experience than working with him as a combat musical theater, i have not had him for combat, but i am considering trying to take first semester of it next year as a junior since it's good to know a little combat. musical theater majors do not take combat unless they fit it in as an elective. acting majors are required to take the first semester of it their freshman year, and some continue after and some do not.</p>

<p>i did get to witness his combat teaching because there was a major sword fight in "The Contrast" with 2 who was an acting major in the 4 year combat program, and one who was a musical theater major with zero combat experience....and let me say, the sword fight looked GREAT. he was meticulous and it looked wonderful.</p>

<p>several of my close acting major friends who are finishing their sophomore year are involved in the combat program and intend on going all the way with it. i know they are very happy with it. i know they like it because he applies it to drama and it's not just learning random combat moves. they do scene work and apply it that way...charles is quite the character! i'm sure you know that you can get certified after the 4 year program and it's just another thing to add to your resume.</p>

<p>any other uarts questions, feel free to send them my way....</p>

<p>That's good to know. I figured that Charles was a great teacher after talking to him and knowing his reputation, but it's still nice to hear it from a students mouth.</p>

<p>I have Charles right now. I think the first semester doing stage combat is a little rough because he's trying to weed out the people that really want to learn and not. I've learned a lot from him and after the first semester have really started to like him. He's really a great teacher and has a passion for it.</p>