UASP Pre-med

Has anyone received admittance to the UASP Pre-Med? My DD is awaiting a decision on that. Her acceptance letter said under review, and a decision would be made by March 15, but I feel like many others have already heard decision re: UASP. She is already accepted to Honors.

Same boat.

My D19 who got UASP-Premed last year had to wait too. I can’t remember when it came, but it was after honors notification and scholarship info.

Thank you. Can you please tell us about his experience with the program? Also - is anyone else concerned about the distance between the university and opportunities to shadow or research in hospitals or other facilities?

My D was offered USP/ UASP Pre med along with her EA admission decision.
@mychicas I am wondering about the same.

@gpo613 would you mind sharing your D19’s experience with the premed path so far?
Are there any prehealth clubs at Miami which help students with shadowing and other medical related activities?
Do the students have to arrange their own transportation to go the hospitals etc?
Any information is much appreciated.

Yes, if anyone has any information regarding Pre-Med at all at Miami, I would love to hear. DD is determined to do college out of state, and we are down to just a few schools. Miami had the best merit which is a huge help. We love a lot of things about Miami but want to be sure we are also picking a strong program.