UBC Acceptance Decisions Class 2023 (Entering 2019)

Everyone who is applying to UBC, If you hear any positive news or even receive further requests, please post it so we can all benefit out of it. Good luck everyone

If accepted please post your:

Citizenship status
SAT/Subject tests

Son received a housing grant opportunity - does that mean he’s accepted?

Accepted at UBC

Faculty - Psychology
Citizenship status - Indian
GPA - 3.8
SAT/Subject tests - NA
Scholarship - Applied for ILOT. Awaiting decision

Son accepted by Faculty of Science
US/Canada dual citizen, US high school
GPA uw 3.88/weight 4.35
SAT I 1540/ SAT subject: Math 2 800; Physics 800; Chemistry 800.
Didn’t apply scholarship

When did you all apply/when was your application marked as complete (if you don’t mind my asking)?

Applied Dec/14. Submitted mid year grade on 1/25. Don’t known when marked complete, but received the acceptance letter on Feb. 1

Faculty: Arts (Architecture)
Citizenship status: Canada/US Dual Citizen
GPA: 3.81 UW, 4.19W
ACT: 35 (36 English, 35 Reading, 34 Math, 33 Science)
SAT/Subject tests: SAT - 1520 (770 Math, 750 Reading and Writing), Math II - 780
IELTS/TOEFL: TOEFL - 112 (30 Speaking, 29 Reading, 28 Listening, 25 Writing)
Scholarship: Didn’t apply

Hikuji what was your mid term/pre board percentage in 12th with which u applied?

Faculty: Vancouver Arts
Citizenship status: American/Canadian dual citizen (go to school in the US)
GPA: 3.67
ACT: didn’t take
SAT/Subject tests: SAT– 1490, SAT Subject Tests– 700 (Latin) 650 (Biology)
IELTS/TOEFL: didn’t take
Scholarship: didn’t apply

Faculty : Arts
Citizenship status: American/Canadian dual
GPA: 4 uw
ACT: 34
SAT/Subject tests: 790 (World History) 780 (English Literature)
IELTS/TOEFL: didn’t take
Scholarship: didn’t apply

Faculty: Arts (Bachelor of International Economics)
Citizenship status: Canadian citizen but going to an international school in Asia
GPA: 3.81/4.0 UW
ACT: 35
SAT/Subject tests: didn’t take
IELTS/TOEFL: didn’t take
Scholarship: didn’t apply


Faculty: Arts
Citizenship status: International student from Asia
GPA: 4.1/4.0
SAT/ACT: 1450/33
SAT/Subject tests: Chinese / Math II

Faculty: Arts
Citizenship status: International from US
GPA: 4.0/3.9
ACT: 32

Accepted :smiley:
Faculty: Arts
Citizenship Status: International from Taiwan
GPA: 4.06
SAT : 1490
Toefl: 106
Scholarship: nope


Faculty: Vancouver Sciences
Citizenship status: International from Turkey
GPA: 96/100
SAT: 1450
Subject Tests: Math 2(790), Chemistry(800), Physics(800)
IELTS: 7.5
Scholarship: Waiting for ILOT
Note: I have national and international chemistry olympiad medals. Guess these helped.

Anyone here accepted for BSc who did ICSE(India) till 10th, and did not take chem in 11th and 12th?

Accepted ?

Faculty:Arts Vancouver(IR)
Citizenship: Indian
GPA: 4.0(I have one A and one A-. Other than that all A+)
SAT/Subject tests: 1400(Didn’t take subject tests)
Scholarship:Applied for ILOT

I was also the president of debate club, head girl, hundreds of hours of volunteering, yearbook committee, study abroad, International scholarships and other recognitions. Graduated high school when I was 16 and also speak four languages. Praying for getting ILOT cause otherwise won’t be able to attend. ?


Faculty: Arts and Sciences - for both BSc and BA
Citizenship: Indian
SAT/Subject Tests: 1520 (But didn’t submit it)
IB Predicted:39
IB Subjects: Physics HL, Economics HL, English Lang and Lit HL, Math SL, French B SL, and Chemistry SL
Scholarship: Didn’t apply

anyone heard any news about scholarships especially for international?