UBC Class of 2025 Decisions

Post your 2025 updates here!

does anyone know when ubc will let people know about admission decisions?

My sister just got into UBC Faculty of Science!

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Congrats to her! When did she submit her application? I submitted on January 11th, trying to figure out a time frame for when I should expect a decision.

She applied in early November!

Oh okay, I guess I’ll be waiting for a while then. Thank you!

Hello! Has anyone who applied from the US received a decision yet? I’m applying to Applied Biology and Natural Resources Conservation. Good luck to everyone!

My daughter has not received a decision yet. Her status reads

“…currently being reviewed and evaluated in comparison with all the other applicants who have applied to your program.”

She is in at the University of Toronto (which only took a couple of weeks to decide from submission to acceptance), but I think she would choose UBC over it if admitted. I think I am more impatient than she is lol.

Her status has been that way for well over a month now…and took awhile to get to that stage from the “uploading info” stage.

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That’s what mine says, too. I was accepted to McGill, but I’d rather go to UBC!

Good luck to her!!

Yes, my son got an email from UBC last Friday, March 5! He was admitted to Applied Science, Vancouver campus. Good luck to everyone else!

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Congratulations! What were his stats and where is he applying from if you don’t mind me asking?

You too!!

Thanks! I don’t know his exact stats to be honest (everyone seems to calculate GPA differently!), but I think his unweighted GPA is around 3.92. He took lots of honors/AP classes, so his weighted GPA is much higher. I don’t think he ended up submitting his SAT score - it was pretty good, but he only took it once, with no prep/studying, and was unable to take it again due to everything shutting down. We live in WA state.

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Has anyone heard from BFA Acting?

I applied to the Faculty of Applied Science and submitted my application in early December. Yesterday I got a letter requiring me to submit my list of AP courses and the AP scores report. I think I might get my result very late.
btw, does applying to the Faculty of Applied Science result in late result notification?

Hi! anyone get in to Bcomm?

Hey I got an email from UBC saying I’ve made it to the finals of the ILOT scholarship and asking for my financial docs. Any idea how many get through?

Has anyone had to submit their predicted IB scores? They were due on 3/15 and my Ds HS counselor did it just in time.

Did everyone get a mail asking to join information sessions?

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Yep. I submitted mine december last year.