UBC Class of 2025 Decisions

International student got admitted to UBC Sauder Bcom, my first choice. My second choice is not evaluated since they have offered my first choice. Any idea why? Waiting for scholarships too (IMES, OIS). Do you know when are they expected to roll out scholarships? I got the offer 3 weeks ago. Looks like Bcom faculty gives scholarships as well, please let me know how much is the amount?

Curious if anyone has been accepted yet that recently submitted their predicted IB scores?

Both my applications in BCom and second choice for Arts in freshman should below status:
“Your application to UBC (including your supporting documentation, academic transcripts, and personal profile) is currently being reviewed and evaluated in comparison with all the other applicants…”

Do any of you know that when second round of decisions will be made?

Have u heard back about the scholarship decision yet?

my son accepted F of Sci at late Feb.

My son got accepted to Applied Sciences, his first choice about 10 days back. International applicant. Since his first choice is accepted, they don’t evaluate the second choice. No news on scholarships yet.

Finally, my son just received admission to his first choice BSc CS at Vancouver. He is from US, now we need to decide between UT and UBC, both are CS program.

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Your son would have been admitted into the BSc program - UBC does not offer a ‘direct admit’ into their CS program. He would apply after his first year. Congrants on admission :slight_smile:

Thanks, no wonder it doesn’t say CS on admission letter, even though his 1st choice is CS.

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Did anyone hear about IMES or OIS? When do they send the emails? Do they send it to students who are awarded scholarships or do they send rejection letters too?

To add on, looks like the kids have to apply for their major sometime before end of the first year and grades play a huge part in getting into competitive majors.

UBC does not send rejection letter? Or when do they send it? My application has been there for forever…

I am So sad it is almost MAY 1

right! I just want answersss

Anyone got IMES (international Major Entrance Scholarship)? I got OIS but yet to get IMES. Do they send the decision together or separately?

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that’s great! how much is the scholarship?

Is anyone else still waiting for the decision?

Yes my daughter is still waiting. Applied 1 December. IB results sent in Jan. Don’t understand why they are taking so long.

It’s almost May already

Actually the acceptance just come through a few hours ago (Arts). Hope you get news soon!

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