UBC Class of 2025 Decisions

For the admitted international students,

So our parents or family cannot fly to Canada with us, to help us move in and get settled?

Even if they have visitor visa, all foreigners are banned entry to Canada at present, is that correct? (part of pandemic control measures)

Let me know if you have better info please. Thank you.

What are my chances of getting into applied sciences (engineering) after being waitlisted?

Rejected Bcom from Sauder a few days ago. I hope one of you get it.

Did anyone get an update on their waitlist status? There was a change in the last line saying that I will receive a decision before or on May 20th…Did anyone else get the same?

I meant i have declined my Bcom offer from UBC. Hope it goes to someone who is waiting for an offer.

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Yes, my daughter’s changed recently too. Not sure exactly what day since she hasn’t been checking it.

Please let me know what was the change once your daughter checks:)

*what the change was

Son declined BSc Vancouver offer, hope it goes to someone on waitlist, good luck.

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Sorry, lol, wasn’t clear. Hers also changed to May 20th, but not sure when it changed since she had not been checking it. She accepted University of Toronto offer.

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Oh got it! All the best to her:) Uoft is a great choice!

Btw just got to know that a friend of a friend got accepted from the waitlist (Bachelor of Arts)…Did anyone else get in?