UBC Computer Science - Difficult to get into?

I have been offered admission to UBC for studies in Science. Are there limited seats for Computer Science or does anyone applying for the major, with an 82%+ average, get in?(applying at the end of first year)

what are ur high school grades, GPA , etc

@Saccomander what are ur high school grades, GPA , etc

I am planning on applying for comsci too…i am a canadian citizen living in the us (new jersey)…please let me know if you think i can get in
GPA: 3.7 (weighted), unweighted is 4.5
Grades related to major:
ap comsci principles 94
ap cs a 90
ap calc ab 84 (this is the one grade I’m a bit nervous abt)
ap calc bc 90
ap stats 93

Other grades
AP chem 78 (yeah i know…corona and a teacher straight out of college)
AP French 98
AP physics 90
regular english 92 in grade 11 and 93 grade 12

Got 4 and 5 on all of my ap tests

my grades in humanites tend to be better becaue all of the humanities teachers i had were pretty easy…

Have gone to worlds competition with my robotics team 3 times where im a programmer, have an edx certification in c++

Fluent in french (with certificate of biliteracy)
Attended a web development program from a local college last summer
I know java c, c++, and a bit of python and html

I have some old projects I might be able to compile (haha pun) into a portfolio

Anyways guys if you got this far congrats, if you want please let me know what you think my chances are